because i shine like a princess in the middle of thugs.

song i can't get enough of: Hannah by Ray LaMontagne.

"I'll lay down this bottle of wine,
if you'll just be kind to me."

i have tons on my mind and tons i want to say. but its all jumbled.
so if you are reading you've been warned..but hang in there!

yesterday was my favorite day of the summer.
&& it was the official first day of the summer season
i wish i could entertain yall with all the fine details..
but well i think that would ruin the beauty of yesterday. but i can leave you with ...

ladders, mermaids, pomegranite yumminess, the stars,
sand, ocean, bikes, singing elton john at the top of our lungs,
dancing, underwear, chacos, fancy resort pools, taco bell
what a burger breakfast on a bun
sisterhood in Christ.
oh it is love. <3
---> 06.21.2010

but before yesterday my life was filled with legos, story times, play doh, watercolors, the movie "CARS", hotwheels, blocks, train tracks, crayons, and markers...and it was awesome. but, also so very exhausting. babysitting/nannying full time has also made me never leave the house without the essentials: ziploc bags of cheerios, grapes, and goldfish, sippy cup of milk (with the no spill gaurd of course!), an extra t-shirt, and a waterbottle. i have also learned there is nothing wrong with a good little bribe here and there using caprisuns and popsicles...because hey. it gets the job done. i have also started finding joy in the smallest of moments. like this one... so its like 9:30pm (you can bet after a 3 year old's bedtime) I am chasing a kid around the house while he's naked trying to get him into the shower, after he's already peed all over his bed, and screamed about how much he hates me...the most rewarding thing was reading his bedtime story and he looked at me and said: "Stephanie, I guess we are friends."
i don't even know what that means,
but he fell asleep and then there was peace.

working with the youth this summer has been such a blessing. and on Friday we went and saw Toy Story 3 together in 3D. and seriously. it is my new favorite movie. i laughed and cried, and if you haven't seen it...spend the money. it is so worth it. your heartstrings will be tugged at.

i have been busy writing letters and preparing for the hall as well. i am getting so pumped for the fall. i misss everyone terribly and i can't wait to get to know the freshies who will be joining us. I have been praying that Harambe! becomes a place of sisterhood and Christ's love...and nametags are in the making :]

things i am looking foward to here in the near future:
THIS FRIDAY ITS FOR REAL. i am getting a bicycle.
ONE WEEK - JIMMY BUFFET. oh and kenny. margaritaville. beach. dancing.
14 DAYS AND I WILL BE IN ASHEVILLE. rachel. camping. escape.
38 DAYS until DAVE. west palm beach. hammocks. husband. yes please.

yeah i will admit. i am exploding in excitement. i love the sun. i love not wearing pants. i love the salt. i love the sand. i love music. i love dancing. and boy do i love adventure.

thank you God. for the love you give to me.
- little me.


on and on and the lights come and go.

"the soul is healed by being with the children"
- English proverb

"the fence,
oh it is just there to
keep the people
who can't handle it

Today I was looking at pictures from last year, and i was reminded of the fall. and cross country season, and most specifically our trip to louisville, kentucky. i think it was our favorite trip - the leaves were all turned, and there were rolling hills and crisp air...and it was also where we stopped at the kentucky state line and snuck into an old horse track and...

ran like animals.

it made me really really really excited for this fall. oh the adventures to come.
[as if i am not already stoked.]

so let me think what has been going on in life here lately in podunk cantonment...

actually, quite a lot.

the wear and tear of the nannying front has set in,
but there is nothing more rewarding than investing in the children.
Zahria is teaching me quite the patience, and i absolutely love her love.
i've also been busy climbing trees, leading Bible studies, reading and learning about "Calvinism," preparing for the hall, running, swimming, karaoke with good company, driving too much, and watching the world cup...hey USA...we can take a tie! yes.

current reads: "There are No Children here" and the book of EXODUS
current song on replay: "Chicago" (acoustic) by Mat Kearney

OH! mae mae, fletch, and j-julian made a gulf coast appearance.
it was quite nice having some Covenant spirit down here.

"we're at war!" Ephesians 6.

i know you'll come for me. and i'll be here on my knees.
Three weeks I'll be in Asheville, NC. which really excites me.
other things I really like right now: watermelon. and more watermelon.
things i do not really like right now: tarballs and oil. and becca going away soon :[
and...its beautiful outside, so i must go kayak. all day.
thank you God for the sun. the ocean. your love.
- Stephanie


wildflowers in memphis.

my dad has mastered the art of cooking mediterranean seasoned squash.
it is my new addiction.

" you see the depths of my heart, and

you love me the same. "

if i were to try to capture the essence of Memphis in this blog, i would epically fail.i spent the day we had in Memphis listening. listening to the people

their stories. their songs. their poems.
their struggles. their pleasures.

Met a protester,
who has been sitting for 22 years and counting,
would not accept a hug,
or thanks, only
praised God for her voice.
Met a British traveler,
who is on a journey to renew his perspective... on Americans.
was robbed, fascinated by Japaneses culture,
and sang about wine.
Met a poet,
who could not find emotion...

with absolute love for
Jazz. afros. tapas.
i have to peace out.

oh! and i thank joey for the fresh cucumbers we harvested from his garden this morning.

:) fresh and oh so yummy.