night on the stoop
roomies and guests.
honduras yummies
&& lots of love


corner of main and hawthorne.

summer has rolled on in,
it is hot hot hot.
&& i am enjoyin late nights on the stoop
where yuri is teachin me salsa.
i enjoy afternoons spent in the projects
playin soccer with the kids.
i love my view of main street,
but my cozy little corner on hawthorne.
i really did not know what God had in store for me
with my sickness
and soreness
and weakness.
but he has brought me pure joy.
joy in the lack of hot water,
and the simple living
forced upon me
joy in my amazing roomies whose hearts
are bigger than africa!
joy in the smiles of kids at 8 in the mornin
joy in learnin how to dougie
when i should be teachin them how to dribble,
pass, shoot, score...whatever.
joy in good wine
joy in work i enjoy
God has provided.
silly how i thought anything other than
just that.

he has broken my heart every day
i never do without,
and i get to spend time with these darling faces

today i spent most of my afternoon
in the wheeler neighborhood on the east side
the kids oh my gosh took my heart
and ran.
and ran.
and ran.
and ran me ragged.
but i promise there are things about the projects i love
and i think i will carry in my heart forever.
sitting on the lawn under magnolia trees,
blastin r&b on the boombox
on the stoop...
is totally acceptable
more than that.
it is necessary.
love your family.
laugh with them
yell with them.
fight with them.
and hug them.

be together.
dance together.
what i have learned this week thus far: my big butt is beautiful

my girls call me kesha now.
they say i look a lot like her.
compliment? i'm not sure,
well i'll take it.
because at this point, they give me an inch i take a mile.

east lake represent.

oh and can i just say that my chattanooga futbol driver
is just the sweetest thing [and super attractive] ?
i think i may just run away with him.