stupid tick.

so last spring i got diagnosed with lyme.
it's truly a bitch.


let your dreams set sail!

&& today
she overslept,
treated herself to a smore's poptart,
washed her hair,

and just breathed.

she's living the life.


you don't always have to hold your head over your heart.

oh just throw on a yellow dress,
and call it a happyday.
some say there is more to it,
but i disagree.

hahaha so someone changed our sign that said
"welcome to the stupts"
to say "welcome to the projects"
hahahaha i had a good laugh on my walk to class.

this is will.
he likes me,
and i like him.
he is camera shy.

i believe in dreaming aloud.

me and sarah are going to cape town next fall,
God willing :]

to study.
to grow.
to experience.



how do people live a life like this and manage to shave their legs?

just sayin, i'd like to know


whisper the sweetest words.

shades of blue.

"Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could;
some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day;
you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit
to be encumbered with your old nonsense."


my papa told me we all must serve and feed

some wise words from someone i don't know....

"the soul always knows how to deal with itself, the challenge is to silence the mind."

oh happy day.

i need to take some time to write.
and just share a little bit about whats goin' on in life.
so i here i go just going along writing my story down.

somewhere free.

"i think preparing food
&& feeding people brings
NOURISHMENT, not only to our bodies
but to our
Feeding people is a way of
them in the same way
feeding ourselves is a way of honoring
our own
- oh shauna

it is one of those BIG seasons in life!
lots of change, lots on my plate, and God is so sweet.
i am working on becoming a writer.
&& trying to find my wholeness as a woman.

'have a heart that never hardens, and a touch that never hurts.'

"children have an intuitive
understanding of the world.
its not logical, not one bit"

Moving toward GOD, and became more of myself!

"Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of GOD and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun. Care for those around you. Look past your differences. Their dreams are no less than yours, their choices no more easily made. And give, give in any way you can, of whatever you posses. To give is to love. To withhold is to wither. Care less for your harvest than for how it is shared and your life will have meaning and your heart will have peace." - just some humble words.


so many prayers. where are the prayers for peace?