i've got to get home, there is a garden to tend.

what i should probably be doing right now: reading the Iliad
reality: yeah right.

well look at my beautiful home.

i have been doing a lot of thinking lately.
&& dreaming and listening to new radiohead

it is so hard to be in this phase of life. kind of the in between, kind of in the not knowing, but kind of feeling like you should be knowing. but its all i know. the not knowing.

the intimidating expectations
and then the simplicity that i crave.
there is a tension these days.

so many things are just good right now. i can say there is a peace in my heart, it is one of those unexplainable things. i am overwhelmed right now by just how gracious God has been to me. and just how faithful he is. me and sarah joined a small group at EvenSong called "ALPHA" we meet every wednesday, have dinner, and discuss the glory of God. we wrestle. we question. and it is so good. I became overjoyed with passion for my Savior, it was me falling in love all over again. how great it is that God has pursued my heart, and how marvelous it is that we can fall in love over and over again. how beautiful how he created his people to be relational, and created us to love.

number of times sarah and i have rented easy a from redbox in the past 2 weeks: 4 or 5. no, i am not even embarrassed.

things i like riiiiiight now....
life cereal. especially cinnamon.
frapples. the sunny days. raspberry white tea.
gardening magazines. grapefruit.
good hair days. early springtime joy.
gouda and guava jelly. easy A.

things i could do without right now....
applications/resume planning.
interview attire. giving blood. the doctor's office.

...hey boy why don't you take me out tonight? i'm not afraid of all the reasons why we shouldn't try...

i want to live simpler.
maybe just my bicycle and the sunshine.
well, that would be grand
nineteen. twenty. in one month! the 23rd