a new challenge

when i was in Brookyln back in october,
i wandered into this bookstore right on the waterfront.
i picked up this book called "Raskols"
it is a photo journalism project by Stephen Dupont.
He lived in the slums among the gangsters of Papua New Guinea
...and he captured these worn and torn faces,
and in my opnion he did a beautiful job.

here is a little bit of his work:

i'm in a photography class this semester, 
and my focus is portrait photography.
i want to be able to capture 
the divinity that is reflected in the human face.
this skill takes much humility of the photographer
and much trust of the subject,
because within a powerful portrait...
a story is revealed.
the relationship between photographer and subject
is very intimate.

just some food for thought,

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  1. I like this stephy! I cant wait to see your work. Also, I hope you feel better soon!