insomnia session one.

my journal is quickly running out of pages.
and i have this urge to paint, and well i do not know what.
i just know painting something
could very well do the kind of soothing
my soul is longing for.
i have two colors to paint with: blue and yellow
the blue is of a robin's egg, and the yellow of a dandelion.

i may just write instead. or read. or listen.

i have been overwhelmed lately by the
busy-ness of the world we live in.
the constant go, go , go.
our culture does not let us breathe.
or let us be content with where we are.
or with what we have.

i want to live slower.
i want to take time to capture the beauty and love
that is surrounding me.
and to be grateful.

i want to take more pictures.
i want to get my hands molding clay,
i want to breathe deeper,
and practice yoga.

...this is the season.
the season to slow down.
to savor.
to celebrate in the ordinary.
to go on a road trip.
to make a home.
to pray.
to create.
...to not worry.

i am going to try to sleep.
or read
or something

but before i go...

this song, is worth pausing your life for a second to
just listen. and let the music feel for you.
"same in any language" by. my morning jacket

i hope you enjoy this song as much as i do.
it takes me to a cozy place.

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